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Install an inground swimming pool and create backyard oasis with landscaping, waterfalls and cabanas.

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Installing inground Swimming Pools

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to install an inground fibreglass, vinyl-lined, or concrete swimming pool, replace an old pool liner, or create a backyard oasis with landscaping, waterfalls and cabanas. Visit the landscaping section (hyperlink) of our website, for a better understanding of the hardscaping work we do, and what your pool surround could look like. 

At GTA Stone Fabrication, our team of construction and design experts start with an aerial view of your backyard to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of the best pool shape, size and hardscape design, for your space, while keeping your vision in mind. We use premium products to ensure seamless production and quality installations, without taking construction shortcuts. We also pride ourselves in ensuring excellent customer service by providing communication detailing our step-by-step design, pool construction and landscaping procedures.

We understand that pools are a substantial investment, so we’ve laid out three inground pool options to choose from, when determining what type of pool is right for you. 

Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass inground pools are quickly becoming the most popular type of pool installations. Pre-manufactured off-site, fibreglass pools come in a variety of predetermined shapes and designs, but are not customizable. The cost to install a fibreglass pool is more than a vinyl-lined pool, however, since the fibreglass structure is pre-manufactured, after the pool digging phase, the installation is fast and easy for our experts to complete.

Since fiberglass has a smooth, non-porous surface, it makes it resistant to algae and non-abrasive to feet and skin. The fibreglass not only presents a sleek and seamless appearance, but has a gel coating to make it crack-resistant. It retains heat better which lowers your heating costs, is an extremely durable material requiring less maintenance throughout its life span, and provides an overall esthetic of beauty and value.

Vinyl-Lined Inground Pools

Vinyl-lined swimming pools are popular due to their cost effectiveness, customizable shape, design and pool liner colour options.
The installation process takes a bit longer than a fibreglass pool, because GTA Stone Fabrication creates a reinforced concrete bottom, uses galvanized steel to hold up the polymer pool walls, adds gravel to eliminate future drainage issues, and then installs your custom picked vinyl pool liner.

Our team takes the time to help you make the decisions needed to install a vinyl-lined inground pool, such as; reviewing the various shapes and sizes to meet your needs and fit your space, the pool liner colour, quality and design, the type of stairs and amount of access points to your pool, your plumbing options, heating technology, sanitation systems, type of pool surrounding, and any extra features such as upgrading to salt water, purchasing a robotic pool vacuum, or adding lighting.

Due to their highly customizable features, and ability to be designed to fit into virtually any type of backyard, vinyl lined swimming pools are a popular choice for homeowners.

Concrete Inground Pools

The main advantages of concrete (gunite) inground swimming pools are their dependable structural strength, longevity and complete customization. Its overall size, unique shape and even depth, is all up to you! Obviously with this type of customization, a concrete pool is also the most expensive option, due to design, construction and installation. 

Once GTA Stone Fabrication digs the hole for the pool, we use gunite - which is a concrete blend of sand, cement and water - that we spray through a high-pressure hose, onto a network of rebar (steel bars), to create the dense pool floor and walls. Once dried (or cured), our team applies a smooth blend of plaster as the pool’s waterproofing solution and final coating. These steps create an unparalleled durability and longevity to inground pools, especially when faced with the freezing, thawing and shifting of the soil/ground.

It's important to note that due to the unparalleled design, construction and labor involved, a concrete swimming pool does indeed come with the highest price tag of the three options, however, their superb resilience and unique features, do provide tremendous value and lasting beauty. 

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